Latest Past Events

IAMS 15th International Assembly ‘Powers, Inequalities, and Vulnerabilities: Mission in a Wounded World’

Morling College 122 Herring Rd, Macquarie Park

The International Association for Mission Studies (IAMS) will convene for its 15th Assembly in Sydney, Australia, from July 7 to July 11, 2022. Occurring for the first time in Oceania, the IAMS Assembly will be hosted by the Australian Association for Mission Studies, and the meeting will take place at Morling College in greater Sydney....

A Missional Introduction to the New Testament

Adelaide Adelaide

Fergus King, author of a new book, A Missional Introduction to the New Testament, will join in a round table conversation with former President of the Uniting Church Assembly Dr Deidre Palmer and Rev Dr Greg Elsdon of Pilgrim Uniting Church Adelaide. A Missional Introduction to the New Testament starts with an overview of the...

Global Glimpses of Jesus: The Intersection of Art, Mission and Theology

Centre for Ministry 16 Masons Drive, North Parramatta

  Artists have portrayed Jesus as black, white, Chinese,among others, and occasionally as a Jew. With the global spread of the Gospel, the biblical story has entered new cultures and artists have responded by depicting the biblical narratives in their artistic vernacular. What does this wonderful diversity of representation suggest about our theology and what...