AAMS plays an active part in the programme and activities of IAMS, including its Executive Committee and its quadrennial conference, which in 2020 will be hosted in Sydney.

The other Associations listed here are either member bodies of IAMS or other global mission networks that align missiologists around the common interests of misisological study, teaching, practice, and research.



The International Association for Mission Studies is an international, interconfessional and interdisciplinary professional society for the scholarly study of Christian witness and its impact in the world and the related field of intercultural theology. AAMS is a member body of IAMS.

The American Society of Missiology is an inclusive and diverse professional association made up of members from Independent (Evangelical, Pentecostal, etc.), Conciliar, and Roman Catholic communions of the Christian church. This unique make up of our membership provides a dynamic and lively exchange of ideas, issues, and scholarship focused on the church’s call to participate in God’s mission to the world.

SAMS is the space for readers, learners, teachers, researchers, pastors, thinkers, bloggers, authors, practitioners, followers, fans of missiology, the science of mission, mission studies, etc. We dialogue in close proximity to, amongst others the various theological societies in Southern Africa and the rest of our continent.

A French-speaking, ecumenical and intercultural association promoting missiology in the French-speaking world, mission research, missiological formation, and disseminating the results of these areas of work.

Since 2015 BIAPT has incorporated what was the British and Irish Association for Mission Studies. Those interested in sharing practice, research and reflection on engagement in mission in our local and global contexts are encouraged to join BIAPT and become part of the Mission Studies Special Interest Group.

The Association promotes the scholarly study of systematic, biblical, historical and practical mission-related issues for the benefit of Church and society. CEEAMS encourages interdisciplinary research programmes, disseminates information concerning mission studies to all those engaged in that and related fields of study, and to promote fellowship, cooperation and mutual assistance in mission studies.

We promote the scientific study of the history and theory of mission I the intercultural and inter-religious horizons through conferences, research, publications, and our Journal ‘Interkulturelle Theologie – Zeitschrift fur Missionwissenschaft.

NIME has been operational since 1972 as a loosely organized network of scholars active in the research of Christian mission and ecumenism. It was established as a learned society in 2011.

We committed to four principles: the Trinitarian origins of mission; A contextualized universality for missionary presence; A trans-disciplinary missionary reflection and; An ecumenical articulation of the utopia of the Kingdom with the grassroots movements and their projects.


We are a professional, evangelical society with more than 350 members comprised of missiologists, mission administrators, teachers, pastors with strategic missiological interests, and students of missiology. We exist to advance the cause of world evangelization. We do this through study and evaluation of mission concepts and strategies from a biblical perspective with a view to commending sound mission theory and practice to churches, mission agencies, and schools of missionary training around the world.

The International Association has become an avenue for Catholic missiologists to do research on the missionary situations in the Church today in the light of the teachings of the Church particularly the Second Vatican Council. Since 2010 more than 200 Catholic missiologists from all over the world, who have doctorate and licentiate degrees in missiology and who are at the frontiers of missionary work and education, have taken part in the life of the Association.

Called and equipped by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we are a Gospel-centered fellowship of mission theologian-practitioners that serves local churches and other Christian communities so we together embody the Kingdom of God through transformational engagement, both locally and globally.

Serving as an official commission within the WEA, we are an international and inter-generational community of global mission leaders pro-actively reflecting on shared issues in order to advance God’s mission.

The CWME commission is composed of some 25 members, also coming from WCC member churches, mission bodies affiliated to the CWME conference and representatives of the ‘wider ecumenism’. Roman Catholics, evangelicals and Pentecostals are full members of the CWME commission and participate in all its activities.

Today the Lausanne Movement connects influencers across three spheres: ideas, regions, and generations in order to envision and work toward a world in which there is: the gospel for every person; an evangelical church for every people; Christ-like leaders for every church; and Kingdom impact in every sphere of society.