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‘Titus’ in An Asian Introduction to the New Testament

Xiaoli Yang, in Johnson Thomaskutty (ed.), An Asian Introduction to the New Testament, Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2022.

Our AAMS Vice President, Dr Xiaoli Yang, has been celebrating a bust start to 2022, with three articles recently published. Her chapter on the Epistle to Titus, has been very recently published in the 584-page Asian Introduction to the New Testament.  This is the first book of its kind to take full account of the multireligious, multiethnic, multilingual, multicultural, and pluralistic contexts in which Asian Christians find themselves when reading the New Testament. Xiaoli Yang offers an Asian reading of ‘Titus’ which sheds new light on relationship, morality, household, honor/shame, and poetry as a cultural key.

A Missional Introduction to the New Testament

Fergus King, A Missional Introduction to the New Testament, North Augusta, SC: IICM Press, 2021.

Typically, a New Testament introduction deals with the usual stuff of introductions—authorship, readership, date, genre, and specific content of the books of the New Testament. This is not one of those usual introductions. In A Missional Introduction to the New Testament, Fergus King addresses the typical topics while presenting a New Testament introduction with a missional perspective. This volume is intended to explore what the New Testament teaches about how to be missional while embracing the sending of God—the “missio Dei.”

A Missional Introduction to the New Testament starts with an overview of the environment from which it came utilizing language and worldviews. Questions for reflection on missional ethos and behaviour conclude each chapter and invite readers to translate the message of the New Testament into their own contexts.

Members Newsletter: December 2021

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Members Newsletter: October 2021

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Nuru na Uzima: Essays Celebrating the Golden Jubilee of the Anglican Church of Tanzania, 1970-2020

Fergus J. King, Emmanuel Mbennah, Mecka Ogunde, and Dorothy Prentice (eds.)

Amazon Books, 2021, AU$22.70

In 2020, the ACT celebrated its Golden Jubilee as an autonomous province within the Anglican Communion.
The essays in this volume provide an historical overview of the origins and key events in the life of the ACT. Contributors from Tanzania and elsewhere provide vignettes which explore the ACT’s development in parallel with the political and social life of Tanzania, notably the African Socialism (Ujamaa) and nation-building inspired by Julius K. Nyerere, celebrate its achievements, and ask critical questions about its shortcomings and future.

Living for Shalom: the story of Ross Langmead, 2021

Jeanette Woods, Wipf & Stock, AU$32

Ross Langmead was the founding secretary of AAMS and served the Association until his untimely death in 2013. Ross was one of Australia’s leading missiolo­gists, having established his credentials as a young man in founding Westgate Baptist Community after writing a report on the struggling churches in the west of Melbourne. His distinguished academic and teaching career led him to join the faculty at Whitley College.

This biography starts with his missionary family upbringing and traces the influ­ences that shaped his passion for sharing Jesus with the urban poor. He was a key player in the radical discipleship movement in Australia; his under­standing of incarnational mission was that Christians need to be the people of God just where they are. Above all, he lived simply that others might simply live, his passion extending to ecomissiology and support for the unemployed, indigenous, and refugees.

‘Theology’  in Christianity in Oceania, 2021

Darrell Jackson and Nasili Vaka’uta, Volume 5, Edinburgh Companions to Global Christianity, Edinburgh University Press.

In this chapter, AAMS member, Darrell Jackson, and Nasili Vaka’uta outline the study of Theology in Oceania.

This series of reference volumes comprehensively maps worldwide Christianity, describing it in its entirety. Each volume covers a continent and offers country-specific studies as well as examining regional and continental trends. Through a combination of maps, tables, charts and graphs a full demographic analysis is provided, while original essays explore key topics and trends.


International Handbook on Ecumenical Diakonia: August 2021

Editors: Godwin Ampony, Martin Buescher, Beate Hofmann, Felicite Ngnintedem, Dennis Solon, and Dietrich Werner.

Published by Regnum Press |Fortress Press.

AAMS Secretary, Darrell Jackson, and AAMS Member, Sandy Boyce, have contributed two chapters in this 700 page text that is truly international and ecumenical. Global, regional, denominational, historical, and other perspectives on the diaconal ministry of the church are offered in this unparalleled volume.

Darrell Jackson’s ‘The Diakonia Dei: Service of the World and Forms of Diaconal Ministry among Baptists’ (Chapter Six) offers a window on Baptist diaconal ministry throughout 400 years of history and proposes a more theologically shaped practice for the future. Sandy Boyce’s ‘Social Services and Responsibility in Christian Religious Communities – the Example of Diakonia in World Federation’ (Chapter 76) grows out of her work with DIAKONIA World Federation, the organisation that she served with distinction as President since 2013.

Members Newsletter: August 2021

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Members Newsletter: April 2021

Our Members Newsletter is edited by Dr Dean Eland, and can be downloaded by clicking on the following button.

Mapping Migration: Mapping Churches’ Responses in Europe ‘Being Church Together’

Our AAMS Secretary, Associate Professor Darrell Jackson, has enjoyed a fifteen-year authorial and research partnership with Dr Alessia Passarelli, an Italian sociologist of migration. They have published three volumes in the series on migration in Europe and this 2020 edition investigates the impact of migrants upon the churches and Christian communities of Europe. This 150 page, full-colour A4 book, published by the World Council of Churches, is available as a free PDF download and you can get your copy here.

Guiding Light: Contributions of Alan R. Tippett Toward the Development and Dissemination of Twentieth-Century Missiology

Kevin Hovey, Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2019. 336 pp.

Kevin Hovey is an AAMS member and a widely respected authority on the life and work of the Australian missionary anthropologist, Alan Tippett. Kevin is Head of the Cross Cultural Ministry Department at Alphacrucis College, Sydney – a position he has held for fifteen years, after thirty-one years as a missionary in Papua New Guinea and mission leadership roles in Australia.

Darrell Whiteman writes “Kevin Hovey has done the missiological world a great service by introducing the present generation of missiologists and mission practitioners to the fascinating and complex life of Australian missiological anthropologist, Alan Tippett. Plumbing the vast corpus of Tippett’s anthropological, missiological, and ethnohistorical research and writing, Hovey walks the reader through a captivating journey of Tippett’s early life and missionary experience in Fiji, and demonstrates how this contributed to insightful and creative missiological theories that were ground-breaking in his day and relevant to World Christianity today.”


A Dialogue Between Haizi’s Poetry and the Gospel of Luke: Chinese Homecoming and the Relationship with Jesus Christ

Xiaoli Yang, Leiden: Brill, 2018. 334 pp.

Xiaoli is a member of our AAMS executive committee and the editorial board of the Australian Journal of Mission Studies, and has published what was reviewed as ‘one of the most significant books in Missiology’ in 2018.  it addresses two issues that have been occupying missiologists for at least the last three decades – mission as dialogue and mission as inculturation. Crossing the disciplines of theology, missiology and spirituality, Xiaoli has created a lively and important intercultural and interreligious dialogue between two classical documents or traditions: the poetry of Haizi, one of the most famous post-Mao poets in China, and the Gospel text of Luke.

We are Pilgrims

Our 2014 AAMS conference book We are Pilgrims, edited by Darren Cronshaw and Rosemary Dewerse, is dedicated to Dr Ross Langmead, the founding Secretary of AAMS.

The book can also be purchased as a paperback from Amazon and other online booksellers.

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